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Building Trust and Connection in Your Relationships through Counseling

Many of you are experiencing longings and are completely overwhelmed. Emotional distress can leave you feeling as though you are trapped and confused about where to turn next. You may be longing to feel connection with others or feel sad because you do not feel love for your spouse anymore. Relational safety and security in your difficult relationships can be an extremely challenging journey to travel.

We believe, both professionally and personally, that lasting change happens in the context of relationships with safe people. We walk with our clients through all kinds of emotional, mental health, developmental, educational, and spiritual challenges. Most of our clients come from Evangelical and Catholic Christian backgrounds. However, we work with clients from all walks of life. We value you and your family as whole people, and we offer integrated and thoughtful therapy care as we work together with you.

Although Sheltering Oaks Christian Counseling offers many specialties, we are also an generalist practice that offers help for a myriad of issues and age groups. If you are looking for a safe and supportive environment to explore some of the difficult spots in your life, call us at 813-982-4230.

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