Online Counseling

Online counseling, sometimes called telehealth, refers to the use of technology such as video chatting in order to provide counseling services to individuals from a distance.

Not only can clients find a qualified counselor of their choice online and schedule a meeting; the service itself can be carried out online without ever leaving your home. Online counseling provides clients and clinicians the ability to see and hear each other and allows for the feeling that they are effectively communicating, as if in the office, with similar therapeutic outcome rates.

What do you need? A working computer, tablet, or phone with a microphone and webcam. Also, don’t forget internet access.

We would like to note that we have chosen technology specifically designed to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our client’s information. As such, you can rest assured that online counseling upholds the same privacy as traditional therapy settings.

Sheltering Oaks has made the decision to introduce online counseling for a magnitude of reasons. Online counseling may be a good fit for you if:

  • You have a busy schedule that interferes with traditional therapy sessions. The management of personal time away from family or work is central to many individuals’ decision to access mental health care online.
  • You experience anxiety about possibly seeing someone you know while attending therapy sessions at a clinic.
  • You feel uncomfortable discussing personal information face-to-face. Some find it freeing to speak about their struggles and identify their emotions through an online portal versus dealing with the face-to-face pressure that you may face in more traditional settings.
  • You have difficulties with geographical barriers, transportation, or obtaining childcare.
  • You have been on a long waitlist for the clinicians in your area and wish to gain some peace of mind sooner.

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