Psychological Testing

Psycho-Educational testing

Many parents watch their children struggle in school for years and do not know why. This can lead to decreased confidence, acting out, and avoidance of school work altogether. For many, however, the academic struggle may be because a learning disorder such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia. Psycho-educational evaluations are designed to eliminate the guessing game and identify the root cause of poor academic performance in children and teens. The process begins with an initial parent interview and a full battery of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional testing. The tests chosen are used to determine the nature and severity of any underlying disorders or issues. The final step in the evaluation process includes the parent feedback session. Personalized treatment recommendations and follow-up strategies are offered in a comprehensive report. A feedback session is also facilitated to review the comprehensive test results report with recommendations. The recommendations in the report are a key piece of information that is designed as a plan of action to address the concerns. Parents often give the report to their child’s school to inform their teachers of the types of accommodations and resources that will best support their child’s needs.

Consultation/ Parent Advocacy

Lastly, as parents it can be overwhelming when advocating for their child in response to psycho-educational results. Although the parental emotional response can be strong, it is important to keep the momentum going and execute the actionable plan outlined in the psycho-educational evaluation. We like helping parents advocate for their child’s needs. This advocacy work can be done through attending school meetings with the parents, speaking to the teachers directly about the recommendations, or consulting with other medical or mental health professionals. Parents utilize theses services to help form a support team for their child as they address each of their child’s needs.

Personality Testing

You may be questioning what is going on psychologically with you or your child. Are you or your child experiencing emotional instability, strained relationships, or problems with erratic behaviors? A personality assessment is a comprehensive process to see what issues are affecting you or your child to help pinpoint the reasons someone is struggling with unmanageable problems. Personality assessments include a comprehensive report with recommendations or actionable steps to take to help resolve the issues identified. Often these actionable steps are addressed within the client/counselor relationship. Both clients and counselors use the actionable steps as a roadmap to guide the course of treatment. Additionally, many clients find it useful to share the personality assessment results with their treating psychiatrist to help guide the medication regiment course.


Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Does my child have ADD or ADHD?” We can help answer these questions with comprehensive ADHD and ADD testing. While a single checklist may point us in the right direction, true assessment and diagnosis requires a more thorough approach. Our ADHD and ADD testing looks at behavioral and cognitive areas of your life to help determine if an attention disorder (or something else entirely) is significantly impacting functioning. At the conclusion of our evaluation, you can rest assured that you have received the most comprehensive set of ADHD and ADD testing and treatment recommendations available.


Is your child bored in school and need a more challenging academic environment? As a parent, you may notice that your child understands concepts well beyond their years and that they are intellectually creative or stimulated by learning more than the typical child. Gifted evaluations can help determine if your child qualifies Accelerated Gifted Placement. Gifted evaluations include an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test to identify your child’s IQ score. IQ scores are used a determining factor in eligibility for gifted placement. A feedback session is provided to discuss results.

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