Are you a military veteran and struggling to live civilian life? Do you have mental health challenges that make daily life an uphill battle? Have you ever tried to get mental health disability benefits through the V.A. but hit dead ends?

You know your quality of life is poor due to mental health challenges. But, you do not know how to cut through the red tape and get someone in the V.A. system to take you seriously. When you have your V.A. mental health disability evaluation, you do not feel the evaluation was adequate. Honestly, you question whether the professional evaluating you has enough information to form an opinion on your mental health status.

Veterans smiling and holding each others backs in uniform. Mental health disability evaluation in Tampa, FL and Wesley Chapel, FL for veterans are available at Sheltering Oaks Counseling FL

Not only are these mental health disability evaluations inadequate in depth, but you also may not feel comfortable sharing your personal struggles in the V.A. environment. Perhaps you were assigned an “advocate” at the V.A. to help you navigate the system. But, soon learned that the “advocate” was just part of the system that continues to ignore your struggles. These roadblocks you hit while navigating the system may leave you feeling frustrated. Hopeless in getting the help you need to restore your mental health and quality of life. 

At Sheltering Oaks, we understand your frustration and provide a non-biased and thorough evaluation. We have helped hundreds of veterans seeking these types of evaluations. 

You may be experiencing symptoms related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Oftentimes, veterans do not experience service-related PTSD while serving on active duty. You may have thought you were in the clear mentally because while deployed you did not notice any PTSD symptoms. However, once you are back home you start to show signs of PTSD. Your mind seems to flashback to the horrific scenes and the memories seem to haunt you.

It may be puzzling to experience a delayed reaction to the traumatic experiences. But, this is common because of your military training allowing you to stay mission-focused and detached from your emotions. Once the mission is over and you are away from a threatening environment, your psyche allows the negative emotions to flood in and take over your ability to function as a veteran.

PTSD also affects your ability to sleep due to nightmares and hypervigilance. Even in your sleep, you cannot seem to find rest. 

Depression is another common issue that veterans face.

Now that you are retired and are free to live the life you have dreamed, you are upset that your life is not what you imagined it to be. Perhaps you are depressed because you are no longer physically able to be active with your family due to service related injuries.

Maybe you are plagued with guilt because you imagined you would travel the world with your spouse and now you do not want to leave your house because mentally you do not feel safe anywhere else but in your home. 

American Flag waving in wind. Veteran mental health disability evaluation for Wesley Chapel, FL and Tampa, FL is available here.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

An issue that many veterans experience due to injuries during active duty.  TBI can take a tole on one’s memory and concentration. These impairments can make it near impossible to do simple tasks such as grocery shop and show up for doctor’s appointments.

Headaches and dizziness make daily life seem very taxing. Living in a state of confusion and disorientation can greatly diminish overall quality of life. 

Traumatized woman holding her head between her knees. Symbolizes the need for a mental health disability evaluation for veterans in Wesley Chapel, FL

Let us help you with your VA mental health disability evaluation.

A private mental health disability evaluation can be helpful in getting the help you deserve. We are a private company with no affiliation with the V.A. Staying disconnected from the V.A. allows us to evaluate each veteran with no outside influences and pressure to minimize your mental health struggles. We thoroughly evaluate you to determine if you meet the criteria for a mental health disorder.

Second, we listen to your story to help discern whether your mental health struggles are service-related. Lastly, we will fill out a DBQ form for you as an aid to help veterans cut through the bureaucracy when they submit our private evaluation through the V.A. system. 

You do not have to continue living with debilitating mental health issues alone. If you want to get a mental health disability evaluation to determine if you are eligible for financial compensation from the military, we can help.

Many veterans use their compensation to pay for quality mental health services to treat their mental health disabilities. Contact Sheltering Oaks Counseling today 813-982-4230 to get connected with one of our skilled psychologists.

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Other Mental Health Services at Sheltering Oaks Counseling

Your family may need help in more than one way. At Sheltering Oaks Counseling, we want to meet the mental health needs of every member of your family. Therefore, we offer a number of  mental health services at our Wesley Chapel, FL based therapy clinic.  For example, our therapists offer Christian counselingcounseling for young adults, therapy for cancer survivors and trauma therapy. We also have marriage counseling, family therapy, play therapy, and counseling for ministers. Not only can we help you in our Tampa area counseling offices, but we can also work with you anywhere in the state with online therapy in Florida.

Additionally, we offer several types of testing services, including neuropsychological testing, ADHD testing, psychoeducational evaluationGifted testing, and more. Finally, our specialty services for veterans and parents as IEP advocates can help you too! We would love to connect when you are ready to reach out.


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