IEP Advocacy for Parents

Below you’ll find a description of all of our IEP advocacy service that we offer to parents that need help in getting assistance fpr their child in the school system. When you’re ready to speak to us about this service, please click the ‘Schedule Today’ button to connect with us and get the process started.

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IEP Advocacy, what’s that?

At Sheltering Oaks Counseling, one of the services we offer parents is IEP Advocacy, this help parents write appropriate Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and attain special education services for their child with a disability from their public school system.

Are you stressing about what to do next?

As parents it can be overwhelming when advocating for their child in response to psycho-educational results. Although the parental emotional response can be strong, it is important to keep the momentum going and execute the actionable plan outlined in the psycho-educational evaluation.

What does an IEP Advocate do?

We like helping parents advocate for their child’s needs. This advocacy work can be done through attending school meetings with the parents, speaking to the teachers directly about the recommendations, or consulting with other medical or mental health professionals.

Parents utilize theses services to help form a support team for their child as they address each of their child’s needs.

IEP Advocate Meeting

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