Relationship Issues?

Family Counseling may be the answer.

Relationships—no matter what—are hard work. You are not expected to know all the answers. When relationships are miserable and seem to be too difficult to handle, we would like to help with our family counseling services. Troubled relationships can occur as children, teens, and adults.

At the younger end of the continuum, we often help children who are sad and lonely because they are unsuccessful at connecting with friends. These children may be bullied and often feel isolated, alone, and may identify themselves as an outcast. Sibling rivalry is another common problem with many children. Sometimes children have a competitive spirit towards their siblings that causes constant bickering and fighting.

We also work with children and teenagers that are very angry, aggressive, and/or run away when overwhelmed. As a parent, you may feel resentful because you feel the need to walk on eggshells to prevent another angry explosion.

Relationship turbulence is also a part of many adult romantic relationships. Couples who are having trust issues are tired of arguing. Ongoing conflict in these relationships may leave you questioning whether you will ever feel close to your spouse again. Engaged couples having communication problems may be questioning their choice of mate. Feelings of resentment, disillusionment, and contempt may be a daily battle. Feeling the shame of a divorce and feeling outcast by one’s church or circle of friends often complicates the layers of feelings.

After suffering through difficult relationships, you may be aching for peace and stability. We would like to see you have a more satisfying and intimate connection. Perpetual relationship problems do not go away on their own no matter how much you love someone. We strive to equip each person with healthy relationship skills they need to deepen and sustain relationships. For children, play therapy is often used to help the child feel understood as well as teach them skills in a manner that is child-friendly. For parent-teen relationship issues, we work with you to identify relationship glitches and remove them to restore trust and respect. Parent coaching may be utilized to strategize ways to better connect with your teen and realign your parental authority.

Lastly, we love seeing couples move from anger and fear to trust and healing. By seeking couples counseling, you are taking a firm stance on strengthening your commitment. We appreciate incorporating faith into sessions as clients desire to do so. Facing challenges is inevitable: seeking marriage counseling helps you move forward in your marriage.

If you have an inclination that you might need to talk with someone, do it. Counseling is a perfectly normal and valuable experience that benefits many people. Is it time for you to get help and feel more connected in your relationships?


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